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Bowe/Bowes Family

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The Bowe/Bowes family were part of the mass Irish migration to America because of the potato famine in Ireland during the years 1846-1851.

John Bowe, one of the ancestors of this line to migrate to America, was born about 1808 in Ireland. He is the son of Laurence and Catherine Bowe. The name has been found in various records spelled: BOGUE, BOWES, BOWE, BOW, and BOWIE.

Laurence and Catherine Bowe, who did not move to America, are known to have at least 6 children. They are:




Married Thomas Edward Grogan in Ireland; Migrated from Ireland in 1823; Buried Saint Patricks Cemetery, Junction City, Perry County, Ohio;



Died in Reading Twp., Perry County, Ohio. County death record has age at death as 81. Listed as 48 years old in 1850 U.S. Census and 60 years old in the 1860 U.S. Census.



Married Mary Murphy in Ireland; Migrated from Ireland in 1848; Buried Elmwood Cemetery, Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio



Died in England



Married Mary Kemer on 22 Nov 1842 in Perry County, Ohio. Died in Perry County, Ohio


1819-  ?


John married Mary Murphy in Ireland. She was born in 1810 in Ireland.

Baptisms were recorded in the Catholic parish of Lisdowney in Kilkenny, Ireland for the following children of John Bowe and Mary Murphy:
  - Tom Bowe - 7 Dec 1831 (most likely this is James J. Bowes based on his tombstone that has this birth date)
  - Catherine Bowe - 4 May 1833
  - Mary Bowe - 11 Feb 1835
  - Margaret Bowe - 17 Feb 1839
  - Thomas Bowe - 25 Jul 1841
  - Honoria Bowe - 12 Nov 1843

The baptism record for Lawrence, born 1837 in Ireland, was not found in these records.


John Bowe sailed from Liverpool, England to America on the ship Forest Monarch arriving on 5 Aug 1848. He is listed on the ship manifest as John Bow, age 37, along with a Thomas Bow*, age 20.

John's family followed him to America on the ship Fidella, sailing from the port of Liverpool, England arriving on 30 Sep 1848. The ship manifest listed:

Name Age Gender Occupation County Leaving
Mary Bow 35 Female Dressmaker Ireland
James Bow 16 Male Servant Ireland
Lawrence Bow 14 Male Servant Ireland
Kitty Bow 12 Female Servant Ireland
Mary Bow 10 Female Servant Ireland
Thomas Bow 8 Male Servant Ireland
Honor Bow 6 Female Servant Ireland
Mary Bow * 23 Female Servant Ireland

* NOTE:  It is unknown the exact relationship of Thomas Bow, born about 1828, and Mary Bow, born about 1825. They "may" have been siblings or cousins to John Bowe. Also, Margaret was not listed on this manifest.

The family settled in Perry County, Ohio.

John died on 16 Jan 1854 in Junction City, Perry County, Ohio about age 46. Mary died on 28 Dec 1875 in Junction City, Perry County, OH at age 65. Both John and Mary are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio.

Tombstones in Elmwood Cemetery in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio are inscribed:

- John Bowe, d. Jan 16, 1854, aged 46Y

- Mary Bowe, wife of John, d. Dec 28, 1875, aged 65Y

- Hanoria Bowes, d. Feb 1, 1917, aged 73Y [daughter of John & Mary]

The Bowes monument on the left is at St. Mary Cemetery in Lancaster, Ohio. It is dated 1908 and has an inscription of John Bowes death in 1854. 

This is presumed to be a cenotaph
honoring John Bowe. Since St. Mary Cemetery did not open until 1881, John was buried in Elmwood Cemetery. No records have been found that indicates he was reburied at St. Mary.
St.  Mary Cemetery - Lancaster, Ohio    Elmwood Cemetery - Lancaster, Ohio



Together, John and Mary Bowe had 7 known children. They were:

Lawrence A. Bowes (1837-1914) first married Jane "Jennie" Ward on 13 Jan 1862. She died on 23 Dec 1864 and is buried in Saint Patricks Cemetery, Junction City, Perry County, Ohio. He then married Mary Louisa 'Lida' Flemm, on 28 Oct 1873 in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. Lida is the daughter of Theresia Otteni and granddaughter of Benedict Otteni. Lawrence and Lida, along with other Bowes family members, migrated to Kansas City, MO before 1880.  They are both buried in St. Mary Cemetery, Louisburg, Miami County, Kansas.

Per Charles Tomacci, Great Grandson of Lida Flemm Bowes, Lida bought a china platter (shown below) from the Homer Laughlin China Co. in East Liverpool, Ohio.  She brought it to Kansas and it remains in the family today.


Lawrence and Lida Bowes had two sons, Thomas Burke and Charles Edward.

Charles Edward Bowes (1874-1938)

Thomas Burke Bowes (1875-1945)

Margaret Bowes (1839-1916) entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood at Maria Stein, Ohio as a teacher and eventually became Mother Superior of the Ohio convent. Sr. Salesia Bowes, CPPS died on 2 Aug 1916 at the convent in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is buried in Rome, Noble, Indiana at Kniepp Springs, a sanitorium run by the sisters from 1901-1976.

Thomas Hubert Bowes (1841-1923) was, by today's standard, a self made multimillionaire and bachelor who made his money in his Ohio store and then Ohio real estate. Evelyn Bowes Tomacci, a grand neice of Thomas Bowes, said in his will, Thomas gave $100 (at the time a 100 days pay) to her father, Thomas Burke Bowes, a nephew of Thomas, as well as all the other nephews and $500 to each niece. The rest of his estate went to the Catholic Church as his sister Maggie Bowes was a mother superior in an Ohio convent.

 In 2013, The Diocese of Columbus, Ohio published an article about Thomas Bowes and his 1889 Holy Land Pilgrimage.


Thomas Bowes was the historian of the family. In 1907, he authored a small booklet outlining the history of the BOWES family in Ireland. The last two pages of the booklet was a summary of this immediate family starting with his grandfather.

COLUMBUS, O. Nov. 20, 1907

I, Thomas H. Bowes, do claim to belong to the succession of the aforesaid family. Am of the opinion that at the end of the 17th century during the persecutions of the Catholics in England, my grandfather, Lawrence Bowes, emigrated to Ireland, settling in the County of Kilkenny, where he married, and to him was born six children: Michael, James, Margaret, Judy, Mary and John, of which group of children John was my father.

My father married Mary Murphy of Johnstown, County Kilkenny. Her brothers were Michael, Patrick and Thomas Murphy. Her sisters w ere Catherine, Margaret and Honoria. My father’s family consisted of seven children. Three boys and four girls.  Namely, James, Lawrence and Thomas. The girls were Catherine, Mary, Margaret and Honoria. My father, John Bowes, emigiated to America in 1847. The family following in 1849. Locating at Junction City, Ohio, where my father died January 16, 1854.

James Bowes, the eldest of the family, was born December 7, 1831. Married to Mary Ann Welch of Junction City, Ohio, August 18, 1857. Had issue fourteen children. Seven boys and seven girls. Namely, John, Henry, William, Thomas, Brice, Robert, and Frank. The girls were:  Mary, Anna, Ella, Ida, Charlotte,, Clara and Laura. Died at North Berne, Ohio, July 30, 1903.

Catharine Bowes, born May 4, 1833.Married to Lawrence Ryan of Junction City, Ohio, January 27, 1856. Had issue, twelve children. Six boys and six girls, namely, Albert, William, George, Charles, John and Thomas. The girls were Emma, Martha, Anna, Clara, Blanche and Katie. Residence, Olathe, Kas.

Mary Bowes, born 1835. Married to Jacob Welch of Junction City, Ohio, February 13, 1855. Had issue, ten children, five boys and five girls, namely, Augustine, William, Clement, Brice and Frank. The girls were Mary, Gertrude, Ida, Alice and Della. Died September 24, 1905. Resided Kansas City, Missouri.               

Lawrence Bowes, born November 22, 1837. Married to Jennie Ward of New Lexington, Ohio, November 1861. Had issue, two children, a son and a daughter. The son died in infancy. The daughter, Elizabeth Bowes, is married to Mr. Flavius Wiseman of Rich Hill, Mo.            

Married, secondly, October 28, 1873, to Lida Flemm of Lancaster, Ohio. Had issue, two sons, Charles and Thomas Bowes. Residence, Louisburg, Kansas.  

Thomas H. Bowes, born July 25, 1841. Residence Columbus, Ohio.

Honoria Bowes, born 1843. Residence, Kansas City, Mo.                                               

                The writer of these notes, Thomas H. Bowes, takes great pleasure in presenting this pedigree to  the descendants of the family of John Bowes, with a special request that they preserve this genealogy and hand it down from generation to generation.  The value of such a pedigree is recognized  more and more by people of culture and refinement. Being above purchase even by millionaires.  


                THOMAS H BOWES         

                Christmas, 1907               


Click on the following link to view information on the descendants of Laurence Bowe to the present. This report is generated by the Legacy Genealogy program. (Report with documentation also available) 

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