Hudnall Family

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Hudnall Family

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The earliest ancestor found for most of the HUDNALL descendants in the United States is John Hudnall (I). (The use of (I) for this John Hudnall is for clarification purposes only to distinguish between him, his son, John (II), and his grandson, John (III) in America. There is no "official" use of this designation on any records.)

There is uncertainty of the birth year of John Hudnall (I). One scenario indicates a birth year of 1606. A 2nd scenario indicates a birth year of 1616.

SCENARIO 1 - Born 1606:

  • The only John Hudnall found in English records with a brother named Henry was born in 1606

  • There are 2 recorded marriages:

  1. 24 Nov 1605: John Hudnall m. Elizabeth Clark in Hertingfordbury, Hertfordshire 1, 2

  2. 28 Nov 1605: John Hudnall m. Alice Amps in Sundon Parish, Bedfordshire 3

  • There are 7 Baptisms recorded at St. Peters Parish, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire after these marriages

  1. 31 Aug 1606: John, son of John Hudnall 3

  2. 18 Oct 1608: Henry, son of John Hudnall 3

  3. 30 Sep 1610: Anne, daughter of John Hudnall 3

  4. 27 Sep 1612: Ambrose, son of John Hudnall 3

  5. 21 Feb 1613: George, son of John Hudnall 3

  6. 27 Mar 1615: Joshua, son of John Hudnall 3

  7. 28 Apr 1616: John, son of John Hudnall, Jr. 3

  • Given the convention that Jr. was used in that era to designate the younger of two men with the same name, and does not necessarily indicate kinship, it is believed the first six children are from one of the above marriages and the last child is from the other. 

  • One might question how Ambrose and George could be siblings considering the proximity of their birth dates. But remember, this was under the Julian calendar where the year did not change until March 26, and the date of George’s birth by the Gregorian calendar in use now is actually 21 Feb 1614, some seventeen months after Ambrose was born.

  • There is no evidence that can be used to determine which family is which fro the above information. The only useful information that can be derived is that the John Hudnall who settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia had a brother named Henry. The John Hudnall born in 1606 had a brother named Henry. Therefore, John Hudnall, born in 1606, is the one that came to VIrginia.


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  2. Pearl White; Transcription of micro-fiche records for counties of England at LDS Family History Center, Alexandria, LA.

  3. Hudnall Records in England, by Richard C. Hudnall; submitted to LDS Library, Salt Lake City, UT.

SCENARIO 2 - Born 1616:
    Based on the baptism records listed above: 

  • Since there are 2 boys named John Hudnall, one assumption is that the John Hudnall born 1606 died before the John Hudnall born in 1616

  • In the 17th Century, when a first named son died, the next born son would be named after him 

  • John Hudnall, born in 1606, most likely died in 1615 after Joshua was born, therefore, the very next son that was born in 1616 was named John

With no published ship passenger lists for the early 1600s and no records in the Isle of Wight Virginia Court House due to it burning down, the exact birth year of John Hudnall (I) may never be known. 

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The John Hudnall (I) who came to America married Mary Webb in Northumberland County, Virginia about 1641 and is one of the first of this Hudnall line to settle in America. When John Hudnall purchased property in Northumberland County, Virginia, records indicate he came from Isle of Wight County, Virginia. 

Records for Isle of Wight County, Virginia are practically non-existent. However, one interesting record indicates that there was a Hudnall Creek in Isle of Wight County. Per "Cavaliers and Pioneers  Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800", by Nell Marion Nugent, published 1934, page 466:

Other land transaction records for John Hudnall found in the "Cavaliers and Pioneers  Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800" book include:


There are several theories on the origin of the Hudnall name.

  • Per GENUKI (a genealogy site for the United Kingdom and Ireland), "Hudnall derives from the old English Hudanheale meaning 'nook of land belonging to a man called Huda'."

  • From, the Hudnall name means "a habitational name from any of various place so called, such as Hudnall in Hertfordshire or Hudnalls in Gloucestershire, both named from the Old English personal name Huda (genitive Hudan) + Old English healh ‘nook’, ‘corner of land’."

  • Hudnall is also a geographic place name in England

Little Gaddesden and Hudnall area in Hertfordshire, UK

Although some speculate that John Hudnall had two wives, it is generally believed that John Hudnall only had one wife whose last name was Webb. Col. James Edmonds Saunders in his book "Early Settlers of Alabama," indicates her name was WEBB. Banks McLaurin, Jr. indicates her last name was PARTAIN. John and Mary Hudnall named of one of their sons Partain.

Per "Married Well and Often: Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1649-1800" by Robert K. Headley, Jr., Genealogy Publishing Co., Inc., 2003, Mary Hudnall, a widow, married Edward Sanders. Cited was a reference by Jenkins page 119, that her maiden name was Webb.

John Hudnall's widow, Mary, applied for a commission of administration for his estate (he died intestate) at the November Court in Northumberland County on 20 November, 1659. Per "Cavaliers and Pioneers  Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800", page 463, John is listed as deceased on 24 Aug 1658.

From the Northumberland County Orders, 1652-1665, p. 223, abstracted by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press:

At a Court held for ye County of Northumberland ye 20th of November 1659.

"Upon the peticon of Mary Hudnall, the Widdowe & Relict of Jno Hudnall, deced., it is ordered that a Commission of Administration shal be granted unto her of the Estate of her deced. Husband, shee presenting an Inventory thereof to the Court and putting in security for the same."

After John Hudnall (I) died in 1658, Mary Webb Hudnall married Edward Sanders in May 1660. Edward Sanders was born 10 Aug 1625 with a will dated 4 Oct 1669 and proved 19 Jun 1672. Their children were:
- Ebenezer Sanders (1661-after 1693) m. c1686 Elizabeth (Presley?)
         - John Sanders (1662-1700) m(1) Mary Risle; m(2) Sarah Hargrave
         - Edward Sanders (c1663-c1739) m. c1685 Elizabeth (Teel?)
After Edward Sanders died, Mary married William Thomas (d.1678) after 1672.

From available records, John and Mary Hudnall had 6 children. They were:  

Because many of the early Hudnall descendants were given the same name, the son of John Hudnall (I) is referred to as John Hudnall (II) and his son is referred to John Hudnall (III). There is no documentation that they actually used those designations. It is used here to help delineate the generations.


Three children of John Hudnall (III) are noted in the "Virginia Colonial Abstracts", published by Beverly Fleet in 1988 by the Genealogical Publishing Co. The abstracts were replublished from 34 paperback volumes.

Northumberland County, Virginia Record of Births, 1661-1810 page 439 & 444

    - Ann Hudnell,      Daug'r to Jo'n Born March 14 1703

    - Alce Hudnell,     Daug'r to Jo'n Born No'r 7 1745

    - Winne Hudnell,    Daug'r to Jo'n Born March 15, 1750

    - Winiferd Hudnell, Daug'r to Jo'n Died Oct'r 2 1756

Per the will of John Hudnall (III), his wife, Judith, and  5 living children were heirs to his estate. The children mentioned were: Joseph, Frances, Alice, Nancy, Winifred and William. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, John Hudnall of Northumberland County in Virginia being sick & week of body but of perfect mind & memory thanks be to God do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following Imprimiss. I commend my soul to God & my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named & as for my Temporal Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bestow on me after my just debts are paid I give & dispose as followeth.

Item, I give unto my Son Joseph & my Daughter Francis Champion what estate I formerly have let them have. I give & bequeath unto my wife & my three youngest Daughters Alce, Nanncy & Winey my plantation whereon I now live for & during the space of fifteen years from the date hereof with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging except half the fruit trees which I give unto my Son William. I also give & bequeath unto my wife & my three youngest Daughters Alce, Nanncy & Winney all my other moveable Estate both Negros and other Personal Estate whatsover to be equally divided amongst them. I give & bequeath unto my son William Hudnall the land I bought of Mary McDayd granddaughter of John Bridgman & also the land I bought of John James on the proviso he lets my wife & three daughters above mentioned quiet & peaceable possession of the plantation I have now given them for the space of fifteen years as aforesaid. But in case my son William should disturb my wife & three daughters aforesaid of the plantation I have given them during the said term It is my will & desire that the land I have given him above mentioned shall go to my wife during her life & then equally divided among my three Daughters Alce, Nanncy & Winny & to them & their heirs forever. It is my will & desire that if my son William will swap his Negroe woman Nan for Jean he may have the liberty to do. I appoint my loving wife Judith my son William Hudnall and my friend Sam'l Blackwell to be executors of this my last Will & Testament. I desire my estate not be appraised. As witness my Hand & Seal this 23 November 1753.

Signed Sealed & Published John Hudnall Seal
in the presence of
Sam'l Nelms
Spencer Haynie
Geo. Humphries

At a Court held for Northumberland County the 11th day of March 1754.

This last Will and Testament of John Hudnall dec'd was presented in court by Judith Hudnall one of the executors therein named and the same being proved by the oaths of Sam'l Nelms & Spencer Haynie & George Humphries witnesses thereto is ordered to be recorded and on the motion of the said Executrix certificate is granted her for obtaining a Probat thereof in due form.

Teste Thos. Jones Jun.


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