Seymour Families

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Seymour Families

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The earliest ancestor found in America for this line is Felix Seymour. He was born in 1725 in Ireland and died 22 Feb 1798 in Hardy County, Virginia (now West Virginia). His will is filed in Hardy County. 

Felix Seymour is a veteran of the American Revolution.

Per the Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Book:

According to the U.S. and International marriage Records, 1660-1900, Felix married Margaret Rennick in 1853 in Hardy County, (W)Virginia. They are known to have 11 children.

Known Children of Felix and Margaret Seymour

John Seymour

1754 - 1754

Richard Seymour

1755 - 1811

Thomas Seymour

1756 - 1831

Abel Renick Seymour

1760 - 1823

George Seymour

1762 - 1839

William Seymour

1764 - 1828

Catherine Seymour

1764 - 1826

James Seymour

1766 - 1842

Elizabeth Seymour

1769 - 1822

Aaron Seymour

1773 - 1839

Mary "Polly" Seymour

1776 - 1827

Thomas Seymour, the son fo Felix and Margaret Seymour, was born 28 Jan 1856 in Hardy County, (W)Virginia. He died on 16 April 1831 in Madison Township, Licking County, Ohio. He was originally buried on his son's (Adam) farm. He was Cedar Hill Cemetery in Newark, Licking County, Ohio. Thomas served in the American Revolution in 1792.

On 5 Oct 1782, Thomas Seymour married Catherine Margaret Hider in Hardy County, (W)Virginia.  They are known to have 14 children.

Known Children of Thomas and Catherine Seymour

Solomon Seymour

           1779 - 1846

Thomas Seymour

           1883 -  ?

Felix Seymour

           1784 - 1871

Margaret Seymour

           1785 - 1826

Adam Seymour

           1787 - 1871

Mary Seymour

           1790 -  ?

James Seymour

           1791 -  ?

Christina Seymour

           1794 -  ?

George Seymour

           1796 -  ?

Elizabeth Seymour

           1798 -  ?

Sarah Seymour

           1799 -  ?

Isaac Seymour

           1804 - 1872

Catherine Seymour

           1807 - 1883

William R. Seymour

           1812 - 1896

Solomon Seymour, the son of Thomas and Catherine Seymour, was born in October 1779 in Virginia and died on 12 February 1846 in Jackson County, Ohio and is buried in Union Chapel Cemetery, Ross County, Ohio. He is listed in the 1782 and 1784 Virginia State Census, which shows three people in the household. On July 21, 1789, he received a land grant of 202 acres in Hampshire County, (W)Virginia.  He served in the War of 1812 under Captain Martin Armstrong's Company, 1st Regiment Ohio Militia, Ross County, Ohio.

Per the The Salts Genealogy, 1978 Edition, by Walter B. Salts, page 111, "John [Salts] served two hitches in Captain Martin Armstrong's company which evidently was composed of men of Ross County. One of John's companions in both enlistments was Solomon Seymour, who later became his brother-in-law."

About 1805, Solomon married Elizabeth Ann Salts (1786-1830), the eldest daughter of Thomas Salts, Sr. Per the 1820 U.S. Census, "Solomon Seymore" lived in Harrison Township, Jackson County, Ohio. In 1830, he is listed in Washington Township in Jackson County, Ohio. Solomon and Elizabeth Salts Seymour are known to have 12 children. 



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