Whitmyer Family

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Whitmyer Family

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Michael Whitmyer is the earliest ancestor of this Whitmyer family that came to America from Baden, Germany.  He was a stone cutter by trade and in 1852 came to the United States, locating in New York City, where he died six months later. His wife, Christina Bishop, was also a native of Baden and she only survived her husband three days.

Michael and Christina Whitmyer were the parents of six children, one of whom died in the old country, one died crossing the Atlantic, and one died in New York City. After Michael and Christina's death, the three surviving children:

Anna Whitmyer Age 10
Charles Leonard Whitmyer Age 8
William Whitmyer Age 6

The children were seperated and went to live with strangers. Charles Leonard Whitmyer was placed with a poor family. As soon as he was old enough, he began to work, following any pursuit that would yield him a living. He spent a period of some time in New York City, where he acted as nurse.

In 1854, all three children went to Akron, Ohio to live with an aunt. They remained with their aunt for about three years, then went to Canal Fulton, Stark County, Ohio, where they lived for two years. (There are several Whitmyer graves in the Canal Fulton Cemetery) All three returned to Akron and a year later moved to Crestline, Crawford County, Ohio.

Anna Whitmyer

In 1866, Anna Whitmyer married George G. Herr. Per the 1880 U.S. Census, Anna and George Herr resided in Crestline, Ohio. George is listed as 38 years old, born in Darmstadt and worked in a Cigar Store. Anna is listed as 35 years old and born in Baden.  Also listed are 2 children, George W., age 12 and Frank, age 10. Anna and George Herr are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, East Crestline, Richland County, Ohio.

William Whitmyer

Not much is known about William Whitmyer. He was youngest of the 3 surviving children of Michael and Christina.  It is belived he died in Mansfield, Ohio.

Charles Leonard Whitmyer

Once in Crawford County, Ohio, Charles Leonard Whitmyer worked for one summer as a farm hand, receiving three dollars per month in compensation for his services. After two years, Charles, Anna, and William went to Mansfield, Ohio.  Charles secured a job as a porter in the Wyler House, where he continued for about two years. Charles then began working on the Sandusky, Mansfield & Newark Railroad, which became the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, in the Lexington gravel pit, remaining with the company for one season, after which he returned to Crestline.

In 1863, Charles Leonard Whitmyer engaged with the "Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad Company" to shovel coal at the coal pile and was thus employed for eight months, when he made brakeman in the yard, acting in that capacity for three years. He was then made brakeman upon the road running between Crestline, Ohio and Alliance, Ohio. He had been engaged in that work for about six weeks, when, as the train ran out of Alliance and was about one and a half miles west of Orville, Ohio, the cars separated from the rail while in full speed and Charles Whitmyer was thrown to the ground. He then went back to Orville and telegraphed to the conductor that he was all right. On the next passenger train he went to Crestline. For about a week he was forced to remain at home due to his injuries from his fall. He then began work in the yard again as brakeman, until he was promoted to yard conductor about 1874. In 1878 he was made assistant yard master and served in that capacity for about six years, when he again assumed the position of yard conductor. At that time, he was the oldest yard conductor in Crestline by many years.

On 25 Apr 1864, Charles married Catherine Hoss, the daughter of Peter Hoss and Elizabeth Brick. They were married in Crestline, Ohio. Charles and Catherine are known to have 4 children:

Name Dates Spouse
Anna 1864-1952 John Reindl
Charles William 1868-1943 Nettie Geraldine Paden
Mary E. 1872-1921 John C. Adams
Ellen "Ella" 1875-1948 Irvin Orlando Bishop


Charles Leonard Whitmyer

15 Apr 1845 - 7 Sep 1930



Both Charles Leonard and Catherine Whitmyer are buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery in East Crestline, Richland County, Ohio.



Click on the following link to view information on the descendants of Michael Whitmyer to the present. This report was generated by the Legacy Genealogy program.  (Report with documentation also available)

Michael Whitmyer Family Descendant Book - a privatized (dates & places of living people omitted) 7 Generation Descendant Book (PDF), starting with Michael Whitmyer - 7 pages plus index

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