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Sketch of Crescentia "Nancy" Otteni Wald
1822 - 1864

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Crescentia Otteni, daughter of Benedict and Christina Otteni, was born on 29 May 1822 in the village of Urloffen, Germany. Crescentia is many times referred to as "Nancy" and occasionally as "Anna".

Not much is known about Crescentia's early life. However, just prior to her 22nd birthday, she married Daniel Wald. The wedding took place on 23 Apr 1844 in Lancaster, Ohio. J. Young, a priest at St. Mary Church, officiated.

The name "Wald" was sometimes written as "Walt" in some of the early records. This is because in German, the "d" is pronounced like a "t". In Germany, the Wald family name would be pronounced "WALT". When the family came to America, the "t" sound would be written as a "t" instead of a "d". This sometimes adds confusion in tracking family members.


Family Members

By 1850, according to the U.S. Census, Crescentia and Daniel had started a family and were living in Fairfield County, Ohio. The census showed three children in the family. They were:









At this point, there is some confusion as to the children. Church records at St. Mary Church in Lancaster, OH indicate that Dorothy and John were children of Daniel and Crescentia Wald but do not show Benjamin. However, baptismal records show, Daniel, son of Daniel and Crescentia, was baptized on 17 Feb 1847. This would make him 3 years old at the time of the 1850 census. In addition, Joseph Wald was also recorded in church records as a son of Daniel and Crescentia and was baptized on 2 Feb 1848. Joseph is not listed in the 1850 census.

These inconsistencies could be attributed to many things. One possibility is that Joseph died before the 1850 census and Benjamin could be only a partial name for Daniel. Until more evidence is found, it is assumed that the church records are correct in terms of Daniel and Joseph being children of Daniel and Crescentia and being born before 1850. Using a combination of church and cemetery records, the children of Daniel and Crescentia were:



Dorothy Wald

30 Jan 1845 -

21 Sep 1910

Daniel Walt

17 Feb 1847 -

13 Apr 1926

Joseph Wald

2 Feb 1848 -


John Wald

18 Jan 1849 -


Maria Wald

18 Feb 1851 -


Joshua Wald

12 Feb 1852 -

7 Dec 1905

Christina Wald

6 Apr 1853 -


Mary Teresa Wald

7 Mar 1858 -


Mary Magdalene Wald

27 Mar 1859 -


Francis X. Wald

9 Dec 1861 -


Emily Wald



Daniel Wald's Family

According to German records, Daniel was born 11 Dec 1823 in Stollhofen, Germany to Franz Joseph Wald and Maria Anna Muller (Miller). Daniel was one of 13 children of which only six lived past the age of two. From a combination of German and American records, the children of Franz Joseph and Maria Anna Wald were:



Maria Antonia Wald (Hance)

2 Nov 1811

29 Jul 1890

Maria Anna Wald (Piper)

12 Jun 1813

9 Jan 1893

Magdalena Wald

12 Dec 1815

29 Dec 1815

Joseph Wald

27 May 1817

8 Jan 1819

Andreas Wald

5 Dec 1818

4 Feb 1902

Johann Nepomuk Wald

17 May 1820

31 Jul 1820

Aloys Wald

2 Jun 1821

16 Jun 1821

Gregor Wald

13 Nov 1822

23 Nov 1822

Daniel Wald

11 Dec 1823

7 Feb 1885

Felix Wald

18 May 1825

26 May 1825

Johann Ulrich Wald

16 Nov 1826


Mechtilde Wald (Swartz)

23 Jul 1829

10 Mar 1890

Leopoldine Wald

15 Nov 1830

1 Dec 1830

It is believed that Franz Joseph (mostly referred to as Joseph) brought his family to the United States in the early 1830s. Public records show many marriages, births and deaths of Joseph's descendants. They include:

The 1850 U. S. Census shows "Valentine and Mary A. Hans" living in Fairfield, County, Ohio in the household next to "Daniel and Nancy Walt." At this time Valentine and Mary Antonia had three children, Sara (age 13), Joseph (age 12), and Michael (age 6). Marie Antonia is buried at St. Mary Cemetery in Lancaster, Ohio.

According to the 1870 U.S. Census, they had two children living with them at the time. They were: Ignatius, age 21 who was a journey man Blacksmith; and Clara, age 14, who was attending school. Frederick's occupation was listed as a Cooper. Mary Ann and Frederick are also buried at St. Mary Cemetery.

According to her obituary, Elizabeth was born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. The newspaper article shows they had three children, William, George, and Henrietta. Andrew and Elizabeth are both buried at St. Marguerite Cemetery in Davenport, Iowa.

They had at least three children, Andreas (1 Sep 1852), Joseph (2 Sep 1854), and Bridget (10 Apr 1859). Fairfield County, Ohio records show that John and Malvina were living in Sullivan County, Indiana in 1867.

Joseph Wald died at age 9 years, 26 days on 1 Sep 1859 and is buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Fairfield County, Ohio. Maltilda and John are buried at St. Mary Cemetery.

Land Holdings

Crescentia and Daniel lived in the Ewing Addition, Lot 18 (later known as Lot 530). Although the record of their buying this property was not located, the record of selling it was found. In January 1866, almost two years after Crescentia died, Daniel sold the property to Margaret Butler for $600.00.

When Daniel's father died on 17 Dec 1862, no will was left which meant that Joseph's two lots were divided among the widow, Mary Ann, and all their children. The children, however, assigned the two parcels of property back to their mother. This included Lot 2 of the White Addition and Lot 17 of the Ewing Addition in Lancaster, Ohio.

When Daniel's mother died on 13 May 1867, once again the two lots became part of the estate in which Daniel was an heir. On 9 Oct 1867, Daniel and his brothers and sisters sold their share of Lot 17 to their sister Mary Ann Hance. Then on 9 Oct 1868, Daniel, along with his siblings, sold their share of Lot 2 to their sister Matilda Swartz.

Later on, Daniel was involved with buying a lot on Maple Street in Lancaster in 1878. He and Theodore Bush bought the lot for $600 with a land contract to Philemon W. Binneger at an 8% interest rate, payable in two years. On 6 May 1880, they defaulted on the mortgage owing $699.30 and the land was sold at a Sheriff's Sale for $550.00.

Crescentia Passes On

Crescentia died on 21 Apr 1864. At this time, it is not known what caused her early death. She is buried in Row 2 of Section H of Elmwood Cemetery next to three of her children, Mary M., Francis X., and Emily. A small, fading, headstone reads:

 Nancy Wald

 wife of Daniel

d. Apr. 21, 1864, aged 37Y 3M

This presents an inconsistency in her age at death. According to German birth records, she was born on 29 May 1822 which would make her 41 years 11 months old (1 year 6 months older than Daniel) at the time of her death. To add to the confusion, the 1850 U.S. Census (taken in July 1850) lists Nancy as 25 years old which would make her 38 years old at the time of her death. It is assumed at this point that accuracy of ages was not of prime importance in this era.

After Crescentia's Death

At some point before Oct 1867, Daniel remarried. A land transfer from Joseph Murphy to the Columbus and Hocking Valley Railroad listed the widow of Joseph, Mehitable Murphy, now married to Daniel Wald. She sold Lot 24 in the Ewing Addition on 1 Oct 1867.

Daniel appeared in the 1870 U.S. Census with Mehitable and three of his children. The children listed were: John, age 21, working as a Railroad laborer; Joshua, age 18, working as an apprentice Blacksmith; and Christina, age 16, who was attending school.

Daniel lived to the age of 61 when he died on 7 Feb 1885. Although his death is recorded in the records of St. Mary Church, Lancaster, OH, it is not known where he is buried.

More Information

Click on the following link to view information on the descendants of Nancy Otteni Wald to the present. (Report with documentation also available)

Descendants of Crescentia 'Nancy' Otteni (1822-1864) - a privatized (dates & places of living people omitted) 4 Generation Descendant Book (PDF), starting with Nancy Otteni Wald - 3 pages plus index.

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