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Sketch of Theresia Otteni Flemm
1820 - 1895

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Theresia Otteni, also known as Theresa, was the forth child of Benedict and Christina Otteni. According to the German church birth records, she was born on 11 Nov 1820 in Urloffen, Germany.

Theresa came to America with the family in the early 1830's. According to the 1840 U.S. Census, the family lived in Greenfield Township in Fairfield County, Ohio. Names of children were not captured for this census, but a breakdown by age was given. In the "15 - 19" age category, the census listed 2 females. Theresa would have been 19 years old in early 1840.

According to Fairfield County Ohio marriage records, "Therese Ottney" married Christian "Flam" on 21 Apr 1842 in Lancaster, Ohio. The wedding was officiated by J. Young, who was a priest at St. Mary Catholic Church in Lancaster, Ohio.

By 1860, according to the U.S. Census, Theresa and Christian were listed as the landlord of the American Hotel. They were also listed as living there with 8 children. They were:

Joseph Flemm 18
Lewis Flemm 16
Louisa Flemm 15
Emma Flemm 13
Philomena Flemm 11
Ellen Flemm 9
Emelia Flemm 7
Charles Flemm 3

The 1870 U.S. Census shows that two of the children were no longer living at home since the census only listed 6 children. Joseph and Ellen married prior to 1870 The children listed were:

Lewis Flemm 27
Mary L. Flemm 25
Christiana Flemm 23
Philomena Flemm 22
Emelia Flemm 14
Charles C. Flemm 13

The 1870 U.S. Census listed Christian Flemm as a "Hotel Keeper" at the Tallmadge House.

There are some inconsistencies between names and ages between the 1860 and 1870 census. The 1860 census listed Emma Flemm as 13 years old. The 1870 census listed Christinana as 23 years old. On 26 January 1876, Annie Theresa Flemm married William H. Jeffries. The assumption is that all three, Ellen, Christinana, and Annie Theresa Flemm refer to the same person.

From a combination of records, their full names, birth and death dates are:

Joseph Flemm 1843 - 1901
Lewis Ludwic Flemm 1844 - 1882
Mary Louise "Lida" Flemm (Bowes) 1845 - 1919
Anna Theresa Flemm (Jeffries) 1846 - 1934
Philomena Flemm (Elliott) 1848 - 1921
Helena Flemm (Ambrose) 1850 - 1927
Emma Cecilia Flemm (Brooke) 1852 - 1927
Charles Christian Flemm  1857 - 1914


Lida Flemm Bowes 
Theresa Passes On

Theresa Otteni Flemm died in early May 1895. A notice in the Lancaster Daily Eagle on 6 May 1895 read:

Mesdames Bowen and Brooke of Logan, have been called to the city by the death of their mother, Mrs. Flemm.

Bowen refers to Theresa’s daughter, Ellen Flemm Bowen. Brooke refers to Emma Flemm Brooke.

It is not known where Theresa is buried, however, Christian Flemm is buried in St. Mary Cemetery in Lancaster, Ohio. His tombstone is next to many members of the Thimmes family, including Louise Otteni Thimmes, Theresa’s sister. Christian died 18 years earlier on 22 Apr 1877 at age 66 years, 7 months, and 8 days.

More Information

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Descendants of Theresa Otteni (1820-1895) - a privatized (dates & places of living people omitted) 7 Generation Descendant Book (PDF), starting with Theresa Otteni Flemm - 17 pages plus index.

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