Neff Family

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Neff Family

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Abraham Grim Neff, the earliest discovered ancestor of this line, was born on 3 Apr 1817 and died on 13 Nov 1890. He lived in Colerain Township, Ross County, Ohio as early as 1836.

On 31 Jan 1836, Abraham married Mary Ann Smith, the daughter of John A. Smith and Sarah Richardson. They are known to have 10 children in Ross County where they lived until after 1880.

Based on information known, the following chart depicts the known children of Abraham Grim Neff and Mary Ann Smith.




Abraham and family can be found in Colerain Township, Ross County, Ohio on many records:

Ross County Marriage Records - Mary Ann Smith & Abraham Neff were married on Jan 31, 1836

1840 U.S. Census - Abraham G. Neff listed with female age 20 - 30 and a male and female under 5

(consistent with the 1850 U.S. Census for 2 children born before 1840)

1850 U.S. Census - Abraham Neff listed with wife and 7 children - Occupation -Tailor

1860 U.S. Census - Abram Neff listed with wife and 10 children - Occupation -Tailor

1870 U.S. Census - Abraham Neff listed with wife and 4 children - Occupation -Tailor

1880 U.S. Census - Abraham Neff listed living in Adelphi - Occupation - Tailor

According to an 1875 map of Adelphi, Ross County, Ohio map, A. G. Neff lived at the corner of Gay Street and High Street (outlined in red below).


It is very likely that Abraham Neff is buried in Belleview Cemetery, located at the intersection of High Stree and market Street in Adelphi, Ross county, Ohio, the viliage where he lived. Many related family members are known to be buried there. Many of the older stones have disintegrated or worn smooth where the names were inscribed. In addition, Bellview Cemetery suffered a catastrophic collapse in which a portion of the cemetery sank and about fifteen feet over the hill toward the east. Burials wer not recovered and the stone were not recorded.



Click on the following link to view information on the descendants of Abraham Grim Neff to the present. This report is generated by the Legacy Genealogy program.  (Report with documentation also available)

Abraham Grim Neff Family Descendant Book (1817 - Present) - a privatized (dates & places of living people omitted) 7 Generation Descendant Book (PDF), starting with Abraham Grim Neff - 48 pages plus index.

Abraham Grim Neff Find A Grave - Burial information with links to descendants

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