Sutter Family

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Sutter Family

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It is speculated that Karl and Katharina Suter came to America around 1832 from Switzerland. Indications are that they were from Wurenlingen, a small village in Aargau Canton, Switzerland, which is about 8 kilometers from the German border. Later records, like U.S. Census and death certificates indicate their origin from both Switzerland and Germany.

Karl Suter is the son of Josef and Maria Birchmeier Suter. Karl had at least 2 brothers and 1 sister.  They were: Josef, Felix, and Maria Anna Suter.

When Karl and Katharina got to America, they settled near Mansfield, Ohio, on 80 acres, about a mile east of the intersection of present day routes 30 and 314, on the south side of the road. Indications are that three of their sons, Charles (possibly Karl), Johannes (John), and Anton (Anthony) bought farm land in Shelby Settlement, now Bethlehem, Richland County, Ohio.

The 1840 U.S. census records show SUTER was how the name was spelled at that time. Later U.S. Census records and church records record the name as SUTTER. Many Sutter family members are buried at the Sacred Heart Of Jesus Cemetery, Sharon Township, Richland County, Ohio.

Karl and Katharina Suter married on April 6, 1807.  Their known children are listed in the chart below.

John Sutter (1812-1892) and his wife, Mary Anna Grabner had 10 children born in Ohio, 8 girls and 2 boys. Their son Joseph F. Sutter (1856-1949) and wife, Theresa Mary Butler, had 9 children.  A daughter, Henrietta Veronica Sutter, married Charles William Reindl See link below to view Reindl family information.


     Click on the following link to view information on the descendants of Lorenz Reindl to the present.  This report was generated by the Legacy Genealogy program.  (Report with documentation also available)

Sutter Family Descendant Book (1749 - Present) - a privatized (dates & places of living people omitted) 8 Generation Descendant Book (PDF), starting with Josef Suter - 9 pages plus index.

Reindl Family - The descendants of Lorenz Reindl

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