Reindl Family

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Reindl Family

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There are several REINDL families living in the United States today. The name is common in many places in Germany. Lorenz Reindl is the earliest ancestor of the Reindl's that settled in north central Ohio.

Family verbal history suggests that Lorenz Reindl left Germany when he was 18 to avoid military service. This would have been about 1935/1836.  Per the 1900 U.S. Census, Lorenz stated that he immigrated to the U.S. in 1835.

Per the Encyclopedia of Military History, there were no specific international conflicts in Germany in 1836. The Austrian Empire was still developing to the south after the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, France had re-established the monarchy in 1830 but was unstable, and Prussia to the east was getting stronger. The area between these developing powers was often referred to as the Rhine Confederation. There was general unrest among various fiefdoms in the southern and eastern areas that eventually developed into widespread conflicts in the late 1840s.

Lorenz presumably entered the U.S. via New York, though family lore suggests that he may have been a stowaway. After Lorenz was in the U.S. for a few years, he sent for Magdalena Eisley. They were subsequently married in the United States about 1854 and started a family in 1855. Their children are listed in the chart below.

Lorenz Reindl was a wagon maker by trade, however, he listed his occupation as "blacksmith" in the 1900 U.S.Census. In 1841, he started a business doing horseshoeing and wagon building in Crestline, Ohio. Lorenz died in 1907 and his son, John Reindl, took over the business. John Reindl married Anna Whitmyer, the daughter of Charles Leonard Whitmyer and Catherine "Kate" Hoss.


Original building for J. Reindl & Son Horseshoeing business in Crestline, Ohio

John Reindl died in 1915 and John's son, Charles Reindl, took over the business. Charles moved the business from Crestline to Mansfield, Ohio and was known as Reindl and Hissong.  Charles built a new building at 250 Park Ave East and opened the business as Reindl Spring Service in 1948.

Reindl Spring Service Building - 250 Park Ave East, Mansfield, Ohio

In 1919, Lorenz Reindl's grandson, Charles William Reindl, married Henrietta Veronica Sutter, the daughter of Joseph Frank Sutter and Theresa Mary Becker.

Charles Reindl died in 1967. His son, James Reindl, ran the business until his death in 1993.  James Reindl's son, Joseph Reindl, ran the business until his death in 2003.  Joseph's son, Joe Reindl, ran the business until it closed in November 2019. Six generations of the Reindl family operated the business for 178 years.

Reindl Spring Service - Mansfield, Ohio



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